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Marco Rubio, Trump's former rival for the GOP nomination, says he would fight two of Trump's most controversial policy proposals in the Senate. [Read More]
Gabby Morrongiello Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says he would potentially act in the Senate to block a President Donald Trump from barring non-citizen Muslims from entering the U.S. "He thinks he has... [Read More]
The Florida senator tells "Face the Nation" why he reversed course and decided to run for another term in the Senate... [Read More]
The Florida senator tells "Face the Nation" why he reversed course and decided to run for another term in the Senate... [Read More]
It's less than two weeks since a mass shooting in his home state. [Read More]
Marco Rubio's likeliest opponent is the subject of plenty of scrutiny these days. [Read More]
THE list of losers from Britain's vote to leave the European Union is long indeed, but very far down on it are evangelisers for the accuracy of prediction markets. It is an article... [Read More]
Florida Senator Marco Rubio is starting his political comeback using the same stories, rhetoric, and tactics that caused him to overwhelmingly lose his home state to Donald Trump. [Read More]
After insisting he would stay out of public office following his failed presidential bid, the absentee Florida senator has had a change of heart. Tea party darling and NRA-devotee Marco Rubio is running... [Read More]
despite previously pledging he would not run... [Read More]
In the last 24 hours, GOP leaders have thrown support behind Marco Rubio in his bid to be re-elected to the U.S. Senate. But the highest-ranking Republican in Florida is not among them. [Read More]
As incendiary and dangerous as he is — and he is very dangerous — and as much of a main event as he has been in this election season, Donald Trump is largely... [Read More]
Everything that's wrong with our politics. [Read More]
Marco Rubio Will Not Campaign For Donald Trump (VIDEO) [Read More]
Former New York Times Editorial Page editor Andrew Rosenthal was in fine outraged form on the latest "Good, Bad and Mad" podcast. Rosenthal trashed Brexit supporters, Trump, the NRA, and both Ted Cruz... [Read More]
Ted Cruz has yet to make a presidential endorsement, but he has endorsed Marco Rubio's reelection as a Florida Senator. [Read More]
Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that Republican Party officials had "zero" input in his decision to seek re-election and that he would not help presumptive nominee Donald Trump campaign in Florida because "I've... [Read More]
Marco Rubio's decision to run for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat, which he announced Wednesday morning, gives Republicans a boost in their bid to retain control of the Senate. But it also... [Read More]
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who lost his bid to be the Republican nominee for president, will announce Wednesday he is running for re-election for his Senate seat, according to a source with knowledge... [Read More]
The failed presidential candidate had said earlier that the Orlando tragedy was a factor in his consideration of a second Senate term. [Read More]
Newly released American Express statements show Marco Rubio, then a rising Florida lawmaker, used the Republican Party card to ring up small charges around Miami — raising questions about whether the expenses were... [Read More]
The Florida senator's future has been the subject of rampant speculation. [Read More]
A poll released Wednesday gives U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., one more reason to run for re-election: He's running ahead of the Democrats. The Quinnipiac University Poll found Rubio leading Democrat Patrick Murphy,... [Read More]
Quinnipiac's poll comes as Rubio announced he was jumping into the Senate race Wednesday, reversing his earlier decision not to run... [Read More]
In a major reversal highlighting Republican fear over losing the Senate majority and his own plans for another presidential run, Marco Rubio on Wednesday broke a longstanding promise not to seek re-election, becoming... [Read More]
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has decided that the prospect of going back to the Senate is less odious to him than unemployment. So he's reneging on his pledge not to run again. ... [Read More]
So the Florida GOPer is seeking reelection after all—it's better to run for president as a sitting senator. But what if you lose? [Read More]
Florida Republican Marco Rubio is now running for the Senate seat he was prepared to give up — until his presidential aspirations were derailed by New York billionaire Donald Trump.   ... [Read More]
Marco Rubio, who swore up and down he was done with the Senate, is now running for reelection, using the excuse that he was called into action by the Orlando Pulse attack. That's... [Read More]
Ryan Lovelace Texas Sen. Ted Cruz pledged his support for Marco Rubio's re-election effort to the U.S. Senate. Cruz and Rubio sparred as bitter competitors in the Republican presidential primary, but the... [Read More]
Former Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio reversed course Wednesday and said he will seek re-election to the Senate, telling Fox News: "I changed my mind." [Read More]
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who announced Wednesday morning that he'll seek re-election, begins with an advantage over his two Democratic rivals, a new Quinnipiac survey finds. The poll finds Rubio leading Rep.... [Read More]
Ted Cruz announced Wednesday that he will support Marco Rubio's re-election bid. [Read More]
Sounds like Marco Rubio wants to sit in the big boy chair again. [Read More]
Marco Rubio has begun telling colleagues he will run for reelection to the Senate, according to two sources familiar with the discussions. Rubio, who said when he announced his presidential bid in April... [Read More]
Joe Raedle/Getty Images Marco Rubio took jabs at Donald Trump on Wednesday in a statement announcing his plan to run for reelection in the US Senate in Florida. "But as we begin... [Read More]
Mr. Rubio, the Florida Republican, has decided to seek re-election to the Senate after months of insisting that he would not run again. [Read More]
Sen. Marco Rubio reversed course Wednesday and announced that he will be running for reelection after all. After his unsuccessful presidential campaign, Rubio had planned to exit the Senate, likely for the private... [Read More]
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Despite repeatedly insisting he would return to life as a private citizen after his failed bid for the presidency, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is expected to announce he's running for re-election on Wednesday,... [Read More]
Marco Rubio is back in the race. With just two days to go before the qualifying deadline, Rubio announced Wednesday that he will run for re-election to his U.S. Senate seat, reversing... [Read More]

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